Lesson learned!

August 14, 2012

Always always double check your measurements!

On Friday night I decided to make the Foodiction chocolate fondants for Shabbos dinner.

I found some parev (non dairy) slabs of 70% Lindt.  100g bars.

You need 125g for the recipe.

I used just over 175g.


Because I didnt read the recipe again and check how much chocolate I actually needed.  I relied on my memory.


The batter was very very thick and the resulting fondants were quite heavy.

Still yummy but no where near as nice as the recipe actually should be.

So.  Read your recipe and double check your measurements!!


One Response to “Lesson learned!”

  1. […] to make such a huge batch so I did a bit of a calculation (probably not such a smart idea after my last post!) and cut the recipe to about a 3rd of the original.  I figure the biggest thing here is to keep […]

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